Workers' Compensation

Empower your workers to return to work faster

We partner with workers' compensation carriers, third party administrators, and self-insured employers to reduce the cost of claims and manage risk



in workers' compensation benefits are paid out every year


of MSK spend

is driven by the overuse of expensive surgeries and drugs



bed days per years due to musculoskeletal pain

How we help

Advanced solutions for workers' comp success

Our results-driven MSK solutions are designed to help your organization reduce costs and get injured workers back to work faster

Lower medical & indemnity costs
Opioid-free treatment
Prevent avoidable surgeries
Real-time insights on your workforce
Predict return to work times
Reduce lost work days
Your members receive a personalized plan and a dedicated physical therapist to help them regain full mobility
Expy Surgery
Expy Surgery
Help your members prepare for, & recover from surgery in record time with our care pathways
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Improving workers' compensation programs

Personalized support

for the best outcomes

Expy Health supports complete musculoskeletal recovery by providing conservative care and surgery optimization that lead to better patient outcomes and lower costs.

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Case managers can simply enroll an injured worker in less than 2 mins

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Injured workers are guided through a personalized recovery program

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Workers quickly receive care and guidance every step of the way

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Curb your claims costs by having workers return to work faster

Leverage our insights & analytics

Predict back-to-work

times with insightful data

By collecting continuous data and automating the collection of reported outcomes, we've created a way to identify trends early & predict key metrics.

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We’ll contact you to help you assess how our solution can improve your workers' comp program
2. Receive a custom solution
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3. Optimize return to work
Monitor injured workers as they return to work faster while you reduce medical & indemnity costs

Take your protocol to the next level

We give you the tools needed to consistently engage your members and reduce the impact of workplace injuries

Committed to creating a healthier workforce

Let's talk

Together we'll conquer high workers' comp costs while keeping workers healthy and productive

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Expy Health

Welcome to Expy Health! We're here to help you manage your joint pain through personalized physical therapy. To match you with the best physical therapist for your needs, please take a moment to complete the questions below.

Your therapy preferences:

Self-pay / Commercial insurance rules

In California, Direct Access rules allow patients to be seen for physical therapy for up to 12 visits with no prescription. After 12 visits or 45 days (whichever is first), the Expy team will work with your doctor to obtain a prescription if more visits or time is needed.

Medicare rules

Medicare requires a signed plan of care for physical therapy. Your therapist will create a plan of care during your first visit, and the team will work with your doctor to get it approved. You will need a new plan of care established every 90 days or 10 visits whichever is sooner.

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