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Patients answer a few questions in the ExpyPT mobile app and receive a personalized daily plan within minutes!

Digital physical therapy

Patients are guided through their at-home physical therapy along with daily motivation, education, and proven rehab activities.

Better support

Patients can conveniently track their progress with assessments in the app and connect with a licensed physical therapist for support at any time.
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Take control and recover on your own terms

We believe every individual experiencing pain & discomfort should be empowered. With ExpyPT, users can recover from the comfort of their own home while receiving quality care.

ExpyPT simplifies the recovery process and empowers anyone wanting to improve their mobility.

Personal recovery plan
Personal physical therapist
Tools to track recovery progress
Interactive daily activities
Avoid traffic & bad weather
No more crowded waiting rooms
Admin & provider portal

Virtual & remote physical therapy at scale

ExpyPT was created to to enrich the patient-provider relationship through better communication and connection.

Our intuitive platform gives providers the tools to remotely monitor patients & deliver care at scale without sacrificing quality.

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We take data security and privacy incredibly serious at Expy Health. Some could say we take it too seriously because we have implemented the highest level of security and encryption exceeding all HIPAA & GDPR requirements. For more information on how we protect your data, visit our Privacy Policy.

Anyone experiencing joint or muscle pain can use ExpyPT, including those who just want to prevent pain. The pain areas covered in the app are neck, back, shoulder, elbow, hand, hip, knee, and foot. ExpyPT is available on both iOS and Android. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to us at [email protected].

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Expy Surgery
Expy Surgery
Expediting patient preparation and rehabilitation for the best orthopedic surgery outcomes
Expy Telehealth
Expy Telehealth
Connecting patients and healthcare providers securely for reliable care delivery
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