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of US population

suffer from musculoskeletal conditions



orthopedic surgeries occur nationwide every year



bed days per years due to musculoskeletal pain

How we help

Advanced solutions for health plan success

Our results-driven MSK solutions are designed to help your members achieve the best health outcomes possible, in the shortest time

Increased patient engagement
Opioid-free treatment
Prevent avoidable surgeries
High patient satisfaction
Lower utilization & cost of care
Data-driven decision support
Your members receive a personalized plan and a dedicated physical therapist to help them regain full mobility
Expy Surgery
Expy Surgery
Help your members prepare for, & recover from surgery in record time with our care pathways
Reduce the impact of MSK conditions

Personalized support

for the best outcomes

Members are led to a faster recovery with daily guided activities from Expy Health's complete musculoskeletal program. Members undergoing an orthopedic surgery use Expy Surgery to optimize their surgery outcomes. Anyone else working through injury or experiencing chronic joint pain signs up for ExpyPT to prevent surgery or re-injury.


Enrollment in an Expy Health program takes less than 2 minutes


Members are guided through a personalized program


Members quickly receive care and guidance every step of the way


Reap the rewards of a healthier, happier member population

Leverage our insights & analytics

Maximize your investment

with insightful data

By collecting continuous data and automating the collection of reported outcomes, we've created a way to identify trends early & predict key metrics.

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Continuous engagement results in lower cost of care delivery and healthier members

Take your benefits to the next level

We give you the tools needed to consistently engage and empower your members to reduce the impact of musculoskeletal conditions

Committed to creating a healthier population

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Together we'll tackle high costs of care by keeping your members healthy.

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