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Solutions for Hospital & NHS Trust success

Our industry-leading solutions are designed to help your orthopaedics and outpatient departments consistently achieve superior outcomes & patient satisfaction

Patient engagement

Compliance tracking

At-risk patient alerts

Automated PROs

Real-time insights

Care coordination

Actionable insights

Happy patients


Expy Surgery

Get patients prepared for surgery & engage patients post-op for better outcomes


Patients receive a custom recovery plan and a dedicated physiotherapist

Expy Telehealth

Deliver high quality care to your patients securely, regardless of their location

Extend your care into the home for better outcomes

We give you the tools to improve quality and coordination of care, from the initial hospitalisation through to at-home recovery

Effortlessly engage patients throughout an entire episode of care

Improve outcomes by preparing patients for each phase of their care journey

Easy communication between the entire care team and patient

Increase positive health outcomes, standardise best practices, & scale care

Complete visibility with real-time updates

Stay Connected
to All Your Patients

You should have complete visibility throughout your patient's care journey, not just when they show up for an in-person visit. Empower your patients with the tools to properly recover at home and gain actionable insights that help you prevent costly complications

Reduce readmissions

Improve quality scores

Outperform targets

Treat more patients

Increase profitability

Win with at-risk contracts

Care coordinators get more done in less time

Supercharge Your Entire Care Team

We take the stress out of care coordination and help care coordinators make the most of their time. With us, you'll reduce weekly phone call volume and make patient follow-ups a breeze

"I can easily incorporate helping patients into whatever schedule works best for me and my patients. Honestly, I've been waiting for something like this for years."

Physical Therapist

"I use the app every day now. It's helped me finally get rid of my knee pain. I never expected to make this much progress."

Expy Health Patient

"It was becoming difficult to move equipment on set and my lower back was always in pain. I've done a complete 180 and love going to work again!"

Expy Health Patient

Loved by Everyone

Find out why surgeons, care coordinators, healthcare executives, and patients all love Expy Health

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We'll contact you to help you assess how our solution can improve your service lines

We tailor our solution to your care pathways to empower you and your care coordinators

Our platform helps your team deliver care and improve performance metrics

Take your care delivery to the

next level

We give you the tools you need to expand your reach and deliver quality care to more patients

Improve outcomes and reduce costs

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We're committed to your patients' health & your success as a healthcare provider.


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Early access to ExpyPT

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Early access to ExpyPT

ExpyPT is currently in private beta.
Sign up below to get early access before it launches in the next few weeks.


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