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Patient engagement
Compliance tracking
At-risk patient alerts
Automated PROs
Real-time insights
Care coordination
Happy patients
Expy Surgery
Expy Surgery
Ensure patients are prepared for surgery and engage patients post-op for better outcomes
Expy Telehealth
Expy Telehealth
Deliver high quality care to your patients securely, regardless of their location
Patients receive a custom recovery plan and a dedicated care team
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Care coordinators get more done in less time

Supercharge your

entire care team

We take the stress out of care coordination and help staff make the most of their time. With us, you’ll reduce weekly phone call volume and make patient follow-ups a breeze.

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Effortlessly engage patients throughout an entire episode of care

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Improve outcomes by preparing patients for each phase of their care journey

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Easy communication between the entire care team and patient

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Increase positive health outcomes, standardize best practices, & scale care

Complete visibility with real-time updates

Extend your reach to

patients at home

You should have complete visibility throughout an episode of care, not just when the patient shows up for an in-person visit. Empower your patients with the tools to properly recover at home and gain actionable insights that help you prevent costly complications.

Reduce readmissions
Improve quality scores
Outperform ACO targets
Be a center of excellence
Increase profitability
Win with at-risk contracts

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Expy Health

Welcome to Expy Health! We're here to help you manage your joint pain through personalized physical therapy. To match you with the best physical therapist for your needs, please take a moment to complete the questions below.

Your therapy preferences:

Self-pay / Commercial insurance rules

In California, Direct Access rules allow patients to be seen for physical therapy for up to 12 visits with no prescription. After 12 visits or 45 days (whichever is first), the Expy team will work with your doctor to obtain a prescription if more visits or time is needed.

Medicare rules

Medicare requires a signed plan of care for physical therapy. Your therapist will create a plan of care during your first visit, and the team will work with your doctor to get it approved. You will need a new plan of care established every 90 days or 10 visits whichever is sooner.

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