Securely deliver quality
care anytime, anywhere


Fast, simple, & very secure

Our end-to-end encrypted, HIPAA compliant telehealth platform will have you providing treatment safely and in a matter of hours - BAA included


Completely customizable

Our flexible scheduling system gives healthcare providers the power and complete control over their availability and appointments


Happy patients

Providers use Expy Telehealth to deliver reliable care to their patients which means no vulnerable patient goes without care

See more patients faster

Simply scale your practice online

We believe delivering remote care should be seamless. Providers can now streamline their entire virtual visits workflow and get back to what matters most. Expy Telehealth provides critical insights to drive revenue, practice efficiency and patient satisfaction

Expand healthcare operations

Track key metrics across an organization

Meet security & privacy requirements

Web-based: no software to install!

Better care, online

Deliver meaningful patient encounters

Expy Telehealth was created to ensure healthcare providers can reliably connect with their patients outside of the care facility. With our intuitive platform, adding a telehealth solution has never been easier.

Everything you need at your fingertips

Convenient for healthcare providers & patients

Manage your virtual-visit appointments without any restrictions from your phone, tablet, or desktop

Patient booking system

Payment processing

Email & text reminders

Customizable consult rate

EMR/EHR intergration

Reduce cancellations

Streamline reimbursements

Boost efficiency

How secure is Expy Telehealth?

We take data security and privacy incredibly serious at Expy Health. Some could say we take it too seriously because we have implemented the highest level of security and encryption exceeding all HIPAA & GDPR requirements. For more information on how we protect your data, visit our Privacy Policy.

How do I promote my telehealth practice to reach more patients?

Expy Health can help you expand awareness and reach with a full range of branding and marketing services, including strategy development, content development, website creation, social media and more.

Who can I contact for additional information?

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to us at [email protected] for help!

Committed to becoming better

We value your feedback

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better care with Expy Health

All of our products were created by patients, healthcare providers, and specialists to deliver the best care experience possible



Recovery plan & dedicated physical therapist for injuries, chronic conditions, and everyday pain

Expy Surgery

Guides patients through surgery preparation and rehab, monitored by their care team

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Early access to ExpyPT

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Early access to ExpyPT

ExpyPT is currently in private beta.
Sign up below to get early access before it launches in the next few weeks.


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